Saturday, December 15, 2012

DIY Holiday Earrings Project - Seriously Spectacular Earrings Using Non-Traditional Colours!

I'm shaking things up this holiday season by ditching the classic Christmas colour palette and going for something totally unexpected. 

Instead of the usual reds and greens, I'm using the vibrant colours of multi-coloured marguerites to create some seriously unique holiday earrings. These beauties aren't just reserved for Christmas - they'll light up your New Year's Eve too! 

I've named this funky pair "Aurora Starburst". Who says holiday accessories have to stick to tradition, right?

Vitrail crystal earrings with delicate silver stars dangling from fine jewelry chain.

And you know what? 

Holiday spirit isn't bound by reds and greens. When it comes to DIY holiday earrings (or any crafts for that matter), you're the boss! Mixing it up with unconventional colours like vibrant blues, pinks, or even rainbow shades can add an unexpected, cheerful vibe to your creations. So let your personal style take control and make your holiday jewellery uniquely yours. Sometimes, it pays to think outside the box and let your imagination run wild!

Here's what you'll need:
A collection of jewellery findings and crystals

Thread a seed bead and star bead on each head pin and make a simple loop.
A collection of silver star charms

Cut the chain in 5 lengths making two short one, two medium ones and one long one. Open the loops on the star components and attach one to each chain.
Silver star charms dangling from short lengths of jewellery chain

Thread each chain onto a jump ring and connect it to the snow flake as shown in the photo.
Silver stars dangle daintily from the end of fine jewelry chain attached to a snowflake charm

Cut a 10cm (4") length of wire and thread a seed bead onto it. Fold the wire in half so that the bead is centred and then poke both ends through the hole of the marguerite. Pull it through so that the seed bead sits right up against the marguerite.
Vitrail marguerite crystal strung on a length of jewellery wire

Thread the wires through opposite sides of the snowflake and pull the marguerite up against the snowflake. Twist it twice on the back making sure that the marguerite is firmly in place. Thread both wires back to the front so that they are hidden under the marguerite. Wrap them around the bead and then trim away the excess.
Wire prongs inserted through the arms of a silver snowflake charm

Open the hook of the earring wire and attach the snowflake charm. Complete the second earring to match.

Switching colours up this holiday season gives your accessories a totally different feel and gives you an excuse to wear your holiday earrings well beyond Christmas. Play around with a wild mix of multi-colored marguerites, 'cause colour rules are made to be broken, right? It's your festive vibe, so let your creativity shine!

'Til next time.....

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