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Jingle Bell Wreath Earrings

When we think of Christmas jewellery, we usually reach for the classic colours of red, green, silver, and gold. 

But why not take it up a notch and introduce a hint of black into the mix? 

Not surprisingly, it works really well with silver elements, like the charming silver bell accent in these wreath-inspired holiday earrings. This design is all about adding a touch of drama while staying in tune with the festive spirit.

Jingle Bell Wreath earrings Pinterest Inspiration Pin

And here's the kicker: ribbon might just be the unexpected secret weapon in jewellery-making! Who would've guessed? It's a game-changer when it comes to adding that extra flair and texture to your jewellery, taking it to a whole new level of style and creativity.

Wreath earrings made of red satin ribbon woven with silver glass pearls.

To make these holiday wreath earring, here's what you'll need:
Beads, charms and findings needed for the Jingle Bell wreath earrings.
Measure 5cm (2") from the end of the ribbon and place a mark. Measure along 13mm (1/2") and mark, then 5.5mm (1/4") and mark. Continue marking at 13mm and 5.5mm intervals eight times in total.
Mark the hole positions to string the beads through

Cut a 25cm (10") length of wire and poke it through the first mark.
Inserting the wire through the ribbon ready for stringing the first bead

Use round nose pliers to turn a couple of loops in the wire so it won't pull through.
The end of the wire has been coiled so it doesn't pull back through the ribbon.

String on a bead and thread the wire through the ribbon at the first two marks. Continue threading beads in this fashion.
A glass bead captured between the ribbon.

Whenever the wire becomes bent, used nylon jaw pliers to straighten it again.
Straightening the kinks in the wire with nylon jaw pliers

Centre the beads on the wire and cut away the loops which stopped the wire from pulling through the ribbon. Form the beaded ribbon into a wreath shape.
The wire strung with all the beads and ribbon.

Add a jump ring to the bell charm and thread both the wires through it, one from each side. Twist the wires twice tightly so that the bell is secure.
Inserting the wire from each side of the wreath through the bell loop.

Thread the ribbon through the bow charm, one from each side. Make sure the bow is sitting correctly and then tie it in a knot.
The beaded ribbon wreath with the  bow charm attached.

Trim away one of the wires above the twist. Grip the remaining wire above the twist with chain nose pliers and bend it at a 45° angle. Form a loop with round nose pliers and hook it onto the earring wire. Wrap the tail neatly around the neck and then trim away the excess.
 The wire is looped through the loop of the earring wire and formed into a wire wrapped loop.

Tie the bow into another knot and then trim the ends at an angle.
A finished Jingle Bell wreath earring

Make the second earring in the same way.

I like the starburst pattern the ribbon creates inside the wreath but you can also form the wreath with the ribbon on the outside of the beads for a different effect.

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