Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Make Dangly Earrings for the Holidays - Peace on Earth Snowflake Earrings

Have you ever been uncertain about what colour jewellery to wear with an outfit? 

Gold or silver? 

Many of us think that we're either one or the other.

But have you thought about mixing gold and silver in your jewellery designs? It’s not just about following trends; it’s about creating something truly special. Imagine the warmth of gold mingling with the sleekness of silver - it’s an unexpected duo that, surprisingly, works like a charm. 

Combining gold and silver brings an edge to your creations, adding a dimension that’s both sophisticated and playful. Instead of competing with each other, they show each other off to their best and it’s that unexpected combination that truly makes it pop!

But these earrings hold a deeper meaning beyond the stunning contrast of gold and silver. Slide the delicate snowflake charm to the side to reveal a hidden message, one that resonates profoundly, especially during the Christmas season - a message of hope for peace.
A Hidden Message is revealed when the snowflake slides away

So let's get started and see just how good mixed metals can look together.

Here's what you'll need:
Cut three lengths of chain: 18mm (3/4"), 33mm (1.5") and 27mm (1 1/8"). String the champagne crystal and a rondelle on a head pin (the photo shows silver rondelles - sorry!). 

Create a wrapped loop, attaching it to the medium length of chain. Repeat with the other two crystals and chains. 

Attach the three chains to a 4mm jump ring with the longest chain in the middle.

Open the 6mm jump ring and hook on the snow flake, the peace charm and the chains.

Connect the jump ring to the earring wire with the remaining 4mm jump ring and then make a second earring to match.

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